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Black Friday: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ net worth is now over $100-bn

The Forbes estimated Bezos' wealth at about $90.6 bn, compared to $90 bn for Gates

After being named the world’s richest person just over four months ago, founder Jeff Bezos’ has now surpassed $100 billion mark in his total 

The new achievement comes on the backdrop of Black Friday sales which got Bezos’ fortune swelling. It was observed that Amazon’s Black Friday stock price bump pushed him over the 12 figure mark, and reportedly accounted for half of all online sales for the day.

Bezos’ fortune is channelised into a number of things, such as $250 million on the Washington Post in 2013, a billion dollars a year in stock to fund rocket company Blue Origin and its rockets, and convertion of a billion dollars worth of stock into cash earlier this month, as reported by The Verge.

Earlier this year, Bezos took away the mantle of world’s richest person from Microsoft founder Bill Gates and achieved the feat after a 1 per cent pop in the shares of com, which accounts for the vast majority of his wealth.

The Forbes estimated Bezos’ wealth at about $90.6 billion, compared to $90 billion for Gates.


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