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Indian Navy to reject Gripen M and Mig-29K offer for its aircraft Carrier: Report

According to latest Indian media reports both Saab and Mig corporation has been informed by Indian Navy that their respected offer of Gripen M (Maritime) and Mig-29K in response to Indian Navy request for information (RFI) received last year for operations from Indian aircraft carrier has been rejected.

Indian Navy will now hold formal talks with remaining two contenders, Boeing and Dassault on their offer of F-18E/F and Rafale M and will also ask further technical details and formal proposal soon.

Both Boeing and Dassault have confirmed that F-18E/F and Rafale M can operate from Both Indian Aircraft Carrier without any structural changes required on them.

Indian Navy will ask both vendors to hand over Simulation data upon which both vendors declared that their aircrafts are compatible with Indian Aircraft carriers.

Indian Navy is likely to ask both Boeing and Dassault to send their aircrafts for evaluation from Indian aircraft carrier for which Technical team from Boeing and Dassault are likely to visit India’s lone aircraft carrier soon.

INS Vikrant which is first aircraft carrier built in India will join the navy by 2020.

Indian Navy request for information (RFI) issued last year had asked for 57 Carrier-based aircrafts which can be operated in Short Take-Off But Arrested Recovery (STOBAR) configuration with a ski-jump.

Saab, Mig, Boeing and Dassault were four vendors who responded to the RFI, while Lockheed Martin who also received RFI chose to not participate in the tender with their F-35.

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