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Isro-Team Indus deal falls apart, Japanese moon mission delayed

Team Hakuto, the sole Japanese team competing for the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE  competition, said that it would be difficult to launch its rover before the March 31 deadline as it received confirmation from Team Indus on Thursday that the Indian team and Isro have not been able to agree on a launch date.

The Indian space agency’s PSLV rocket was to send both Team Indus’s and Hakuto’s ‘Sorato’ rovers to the moon but the Indian team pulled out recently due to financial reasons.

Both TeamIndus and Team Hakuto were participating in the competition, which envisaged the rovers landing on the moon by March 31, moving 500m on the surface transmitting hi-res videos and images to the ground stations.

Synergy Moon, Moon Express and Space II were the other participants “Hakuto will continue to explore every possible path to achieve private lunar exploration,” said Team Hakuto.

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