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Rahul Gandhi mocks BJP: If they had a film franchise it would be called ‘Lie Hard’

Rahul Gandhi had targetted the BJP a day earlier after welcoming the 2G verdict.

A day after criticising BJP for having “an architecture based on lies”, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took to Twitter to continue with the attack using a humorous wordplay. Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter interactions have recently created a lot of buzz. Unlike in the past, his tweets are now often laced with witty one-liners.

“If BJP had a film franchise it would be called Lie Hard,” Gandhi wrote on Twitter with three hashtags questioning BJP on its alleged lies. The wordplay is based on the famous American action film series Die Hard. Rahul’s attack on the BJP comes just days after the Congress president was targetted by some for reportedly taking time off to watch the latest Star Wars movie hours after his party lost in Gujarat and Himachal Assembly elections.

If BJP had a film franchise it would be called Lie Hard   

On Friday, the 47-year-old Congress chief reacted to the 2G verdict and said that the lies propagated by the BJP were being exposed one by one. “Everyone knows about 2G and the truth is before you. Do I think 2G has been a vindication? The whole architecture of the BJP is about lies…. Whether it is , Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts, 2G, the Modi model… that is the whole design…. One by one the lies are coming out,” he said.

The Maharashtra unit of the Congress had received another shot in the arm on Friday after the Bombay High Court passed an order refusing to prosecute former chief minister Ashok Chavan in the Adarsh Housing Society case. The issue had cost the Maharashtra Congress heavily when it was ruling the state. Chavan, the-then CM, had to step down in 2010 amid corruption charges. The BJP, then in the Opposition, had made it a poll issue during the 2014 Assembly poll.

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