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India sheds light on new Air Launched Anti-Tank Missile Development

Inda’s DRDO has revealed that it has conducted captive flight trials of a new missile called ” SANT ” ( Stand-off Anti-tank ) Missile from IAF’s Mi-35 Hind Attack Helicopters Successfully this year but refused to reveal more information on the missile.

SANT Missile has been developed by DRDO’s Research Center Imarat (RCI) Hyderabad in association with Indian Air Force and is speculated to be a further development of DRDO’s HeliNa, (Helicopter-launched Nag) missile which has a range of 7–8 km.

Speculation on SANT Missile is that the new missile will have a range up to 15-20km and is equipped with a new nose-mounted active radar seeker to help keep the launch platform at a safe distance to evade defensive fire from the target area.

SANT Missile will have multi-platform launch capability and can be launched from Attack Helicopters, HALE-Class Drones and might also be integrated with Strike aircrafts to provide high-precision guided tactical air-to-ground capabilities to carry out anti-armour roles so that it can be used to take out Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and Armoured Personnel Vehicles.

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