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Kerala MLA Jaleel portrays Jammu and Kashmir as India Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

Previous Kerala Minister and governing LDF MLA K T Jaleel on Friday pursued an enormous debate by portraying Jammu and Kashmir as “Indian Adheena Jammu and Kashmir” (India involved Jammu and Kashmir) and Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir as “Azad Kashmir.” Jaleel offered the comments in a Facebook present in regards to his visit on Kashmir.

In the post written in Malayalam, the Kerala MLA said “the piece of Kashmir attached to Pakistan was known as ‘Azad Kashmir’ and it was a region where the Pakistan government doesn’t have direct control.”

Jaleel, who was a pastor in the past CPI(M)- drove LDF government, said “Indian Adheena Jammu and Kashmir” (India Occupied Jammu and Kashmir) comprises of parts of Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.”

BJP pioneer Sandeep Varier hammered Jaleel for his comments, saying they were “not kidding around and obviously his venomous reasoning is apparent through the lines.”

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