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PFI’s strategy was “BIG,” including the creation of IEDs and a situation like a civil war

According to those aware of the situation, PFI leaders had plans to destabilise the country.

Mohammed Nadeem, a PFI leader in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, was found to have written instructions on how to make IEDs.

A document with the title “a brief course on how to build IEDs using just readily available materials” was found at the home of Ahmed Beg Nadwi, a PFI leader in Khadra, Uttar Pradesh.

“Two Lowrance LHR-80 had been recovered from the residence of Barakathulla, the SDPI’s Ramnad disrict president in Tamil Nadu,” a supply with the safety businesses has stated.

According to sources, a sizable sum of money was retrieved from Shahid Khan’s Bengaluru home, a PFI executive, and physical education (PE) data was retrieved from the PFI office in Kolkata.

PE supplies had also been found in Irfan Milli’s residence, the president of PFI Maharashtra.

The law enforcement agencies have retrieved numerous incriminating items from the hiding places of the defendants, which show that PFI wanted to convert India to Islam by 2047.

Some of the important documents, including pamphlets and CDs related to Mission 2047 (a document including materials for converting India into an Islamic state), were found in the custody of the PFI Maharashtra vice president, while PE materials were found in the home of the state president.

Pen drives holding films related to IS, Gajwa-e-Hind, and strategies for spreading their ideology were found by the enterprises. A Lowrance portable marine radio unit and several other similar goods were retrieved from Tamil Nadu PFI administration.

The companies claimed that PFI had a long history of accusing people of victimisation, although the reality was the opposite.

It said that the violence planned by PFI’s leaders and cadres after the leaders were apprehended revealed their aggressive tendencies.

Following the arrest of PFI leaders, there was a wave of violence in the southern states, particularly in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where PFI has a sizable presence.

In a number of sites in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in 2013 in protest towards the motion by the NIA, many PFI members engaged in violence, including throwing petrol bombs and setting fire to buildings.

Inconveniencing the general public, the PFI damaged a number of government and private vehicles, threw gasoline bombs at a number of homes, and set up street blockades.

OMA Salam, the PFI Chairman, is currently suspended from his department, Kerala State Electrical Energy Board (KSEB), and is the subject of a departmental investigation for his unauthorised travel abroad and for simultaneously holding the position of PFI Chairman and working for the government.

a journal taken from Salam’s defunct affiliate M by ED. Mohammed Ismail exposed a few evil plans of Salam and PFI to instigate a civil war-like situation in India.

Since 2009, 10 cases have been filed against PFI’s national secretary, Nazarudheen Ealamaram, under various laws.

P. Koya, a PFI national council member, served as a “Ansar” and a “committed SIMI leader” from 1978 to 1979. He was also worried about creating a rift between Rajasthan’s Malis and Gujjars.

He was discreetly entertained by IHH, a Turkish charitable organisation with ties to Al-Qaeda, together with EM Abdul Rahiman, vice president of PFI.

In 1984, EM Abdul Rahiman served as SIMI’s All India Basic Secretary and had ties to the SIMI-supporting group Karuna Basis.

Anis Ahmed, the PFI’s Basic Secretary, had openly backed and lauded Hamas.

“The checklist is lengthy. It can take not less than dozens of pages simply to explain the legal previous of the PFI management. The purpose is — many of the PFI leaders have a darkish previous full of hate for the nation and its institutions. All they need is the implementation of their very own ideology at any price. They don’t have any concern for the frequent Muslims,” a supply stated.

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