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The Indian Air Force will replace its Mirage 2000, Jaguar, and MiG-29 combat aircraft with the indigenous LCA Mark 2 fighter aircraft, which has received approval from the centre

The aircraft's GE-414 engine will be developed by DRDO.

New Delhi: The Cabinet Committee on Security approved the construction of the LCA Mark 2 fighter aircraft on Wednesday, giving the development of indigenous fighter aircraft a huge boost. This aircraft will replace the Mirage 2000, Jaguar, and MiG-29 combat aircraft in the Indian Air Force.

“The government has approved the development of the LCA Mark 2 fighter aircraft. This would enable engineers to create a cutting-edge, single-engine, 17.5-ton aircraft. According to Girish Deodhare, the head of the Aeronautical Development Agency, development of new aircraft is expected to be finished by 2027.

Deodhare stated that the project will profit from the advancements made in the LCA Mark 1A programme and would contribute in the development of the fifth generation Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft project during a telephone chat from Bengaluru.

The project is expected to be finished by the year 2027 following lengthy flying trials and other related work, he claimed, adding that the government has approved the building of prototypes, with the first one set to launch in a year.

According to the DRDO, the plane would fall under the Rafale class of aircraft category in terms of avionics and capabilities but be less in weight. After the initial development phase, the government has also given its approval for the aircraft’s engines to be Made in India.

The 83 LCA Mark 1As that will begin entering service with the IAF in the upcoming years and the existing LCAs in service now would be powered by the GE-414 engine, which is being developed by the DRDO.

30 LCAs are now in operation by the IAF, and the HAL is using two of them to create Mark 1A aircraft.

The government is also considering the AMCA aircraft development proposal, which is anticipated to be approved soon but with significant government support for indigenous development.

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