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Indian Air Force to issue tender for providing perimeter security to sensitive air bases

To prevent another Pathankot-type attack , the Indian Air Force is planning to issue a tender for providing perimeter security to its sensitive air bases around the country.

“By this week, the tender for the perimeter security of the air bases would be issued by the Air Force to prevent any illegal entry into them like what happened in Pathankot,” government sources told Aaj Tak.

The Defence Ministry had asked the air force to complete the three-layer perimeter fencing around their air bases at the earliest possible time-frame.

In the aftermath of the January 1, 2016 attack on Pathankot air base, the defence ministry had cleared a proposal for the air force to immediately provide a three-layer security system around their bases housing high value assets such as fighter and transport aircraft.

During a recent presentation to the ministry, the navy had given a time-frame of 2019 but the ministry was of the view that the project should be completed at an earlier date to cut down the possibility of terrorists attempting any such attack in the future.

Under the project, the air force would be providing perimeter fencing security to around 29 of their air bases, including 23 of the IAF and remaining of the navy.

To empower the services in completing their base security projects, the defence ministry has also delegated substantial financial powers to the armed forces for undertaking works for perimeter security of sensitive military installations.

According to the decision taken by the ministry, each of the three services vice chiefs will be able to spend at least Rs 800 crore annually in strengthening perimeter security at the sensitive bases.

A total of 3,000 sensitive bases, including 600 highly sensitive installations of the army, the navy and the air force were identified by the forces months after the daring attack on Pathankot air base last year.

Among the military installations, air bases have been given priority in strengthening their security which would be followed by the other sensitive bases of the three services.

A security audit of defence bases was carried out on the recommendation of a committee headed by retired Lt Gen Philip Campose which was set up after the terror attack on the forward Pathankot air force base last year.

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