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Chhota Shakeel is dead: Here is the ISI’s impersonator who runs the D-Syndicate now

Chhota Shakeel is dead and the entire D-Syndicate has been taken over by the ISI.

There were doubts whether Shakeel the man who ran the India operations for the D-syndicate was dead or not. Highly placed sources have now confirmed that Shakeel had indeed died in January 2017.

The Karachi bungalow belonging to Shakeel wears a deserted look (see images).

The house, D-48, 15th Lane, Khayaban-Seher, DHA Colony has been taken over by the ISI and currently none are living out there.

The ISI has moved Shakeel’s daughter, Zoya and his brothers to South Africa.

They are currently residing in a penthouse that Shakeel had purchased a few years back in Johannesburg.

After Shakeel died on January 6, 2017, his second wife Ayesha was moved by the ISI to a house at the Lahore cantonment.

The whereabouts of the first wife, Zehra remain unknown.

However, sources confirm that Zehra too is under the control of the ISI. Shakeel’s brother Anwar is based out of Dubai and has a Pakistani passport.

For almost 14 years now, a person by the name Rahim Merchant was running the business.

Rahim Merchant was a petty thug and was running the extortion racket and contract killings in the name of Shakeel for close to a decade and a half now.

He was, in fact, the one giving interviews to the media in India in the name of Shakeel.

Officials say that Merchant has been able to call frequently and not get tracked as he has the blessings of the ISI as they wanted the extortions and contract killings to continue.

Shakeel never used roaming or made calls to India as there was every chance of him being tracked.

Instead, he used highly sophisticated satellite phones which are military grade encrypted and almost impossible for security agencies to intercept.

Rahim Merchant was roped in by the ISI to run the business in the name of the syndicate. He would call builders in Mumbai and extort money from them.

This entire operation was set up by the ISI. The entire game plan was to break the D-syndicate and take over the business.

Merchant in a very short span of time rose in the ranks and became the blue-eyed boy of the ISI.

Merchant is known for his lavish lifestyle and drives around in a black SUV and is surrounded by Russian women. Always sporting a headscarf Merchant also travels a lot.

The image of Merchant was shot in October 2017. He is said to based out of Dubai and has two passports- UAE and Pakistan.

He drives around in a black Lexus and also owns a Hayabusa motorbike. A hashish addict, he was initially close to Shakeel when he worked for the other local mafia.

He travels only between Dubai and Karachi.

The last time he travelled to Dubai was on January 8, 2017, two days after the death of Shakeel. He returned to Karachi on February 13, 2017.

He has been making roaming calls for a prepaid UAE number listed on True Caller as Chhota Shakeel.

The number is +971504265138 and he made calls at the behest of those who worked for Shakeel.

He is a creation of the ISI’s rogue faction and not of Shakeel or the Pakistan army.

These are clear indications that he along with the ISI and Anees Ibrahim have taken over the empire that Shakeel left behind.

Earlier there were indications that Merchant was a Dawood man, but sources now confirm that he is ISI.

Contrary to reports that Dawood has been running the show, it is now confirmed that he is immobile.

His health had taken a beating, but over the past few months, he has shown signs of recovery.

An audio clip in the possession of OneIndia gives subtle details of how Dawood has been sidelined and how he is not in the best of health. Sources reveal that the entire operation of the D-Syndicate was taken over by the ISI.

With Dawood’s health failing, he had put Shakeel in charge. With Shakeel being in the way, the ISI carried out a hit job on him on January 6, 2017, to get him out of the way.

The audio clip confirms that Shakeel is dead and some other person (Merchant) is using up all the money and also running the racket in the name of Shakeel.

Dawood, on the other hand, is confined to his Clifton bungalow in Karachi. He is unwell, depressed over the turn of events.

The death of Shakeel and his son becoming a Maulana has led him to depression according to the intelligence agencies.

He currently holds passports of St Kitts, Malawi, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. He has not travelled out of Pakistan in a long time.

Sources say that he only travels to Mecca for the annual Haj in a chartered aircraft under the supervision of the ISI.

While it is confirmed that Chhota Shakeel died in January there is still no clarity on how he died.

A conversation between Bilal and a relative of Shakeel confirms the news of his death. Bilal calls the relative in Mumbai and tells him that Shakeel had died of a heart attack.

Bilal says, ” I am speaking from Peshawar and used to work for bhai. Bhai has passed away and the news has been hidden from you. My name is Bilal,” he also says.

The relative responds, ” I know everything. I do not want trouble.” Bilal says, ” I am doing my duty. Look into this or else all the money will go away.”

The relative once again says, ” I know everything. Keep me out of this. Our government will come after us. Please don’t drag me into this.”

Bilal says, ” they have hidden everything from you. Don’t let the money go away. I have worked for Bhai, and it was my duty to tell you.”

While the conversation is yet to be authenticated by the Indian agencies, the news of Shakeel’s death is certain. Officials in India say they won’t confirm or deny the news.

Shakeel died in Islamabad on January 6 2017.

He died when he had gone for a meeting with the members of the Ukrainian Mafia- Odessa to Kiev. He had gone in a private plane.

At the party he said to have consumed a huge quantity of Hashish and suffered a heart attack.

He was flown immediately the Combined Medical Hospital in Rawalpindi by the same aircraft and was declared brought dead by the hospital.

The other version to the death of Shakeel was that he was killed on the instructions of the ISI in Islamabad.

His body was kept in a morgue for two days and then flown to Karachi in a C-130 transport aircraft. He was buried at the Defence Housing Authority in Karachi at an unmarked graveyard.

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