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For improved defence, DRDO is creating an enhanced laser threat detection system for armoured battle vehicles

On armoured vehicles like tanks and mechanised infantry combat vehicles, the system will include sensors and processing units that have been modified.

Chandigarh: To increase the durability of combat platforms on the battlefield, the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is creating a new, highly advanced laser threat detecting system for armoured fighting vehicles.

To identify the enemy’s use of lasers for detection and target acquisition and to take countermeasures, the system will consist of sensors and processing units retrofitted on armoured vehicles including tanks and mechanised infantry combat vehicles.

The proposed system will be designed, developed, and manufactured by the industry under the direction of the DRDO’s Instruments Research and Development Establishment (IRDE) at Dehradun. Electro-optical instruments, thermal imagers, night vision equipment, and laser-based instruments are all part of IRDE’s research portfolio.

The planned system must be able to identify threats at distances of up to six kilometres, according to DRDO sources. In order to offer 360-degree coverage and detect threats from sources like laser range finders, laser target designators, and laser munition guiding beams, it will feature four sensors positioned atop the vehicle’s turret in various locations.

According to sources, the control panels and display screens will be mounted inside, next to the commander’s console. They will issue an audio and visual warning to the crew, categorise the threat, and allow them to take countermeasures like firing smoke grenades to obscure the vehicle and move to a different location.

Earlier, a laser danger detection system for the locally designed Arjun main battle tank was created by another DRDO lab, the Laser Science and Technology Centre, New Delhi. The T-72 and T-90 tanks, as well as the BMP 2/3 mechanised infantry combat vehicles, are just a few of the additional armoured vehicles the Army possesses in its inventory.

The DRDO has been working in the field of lasers for a variety of other applications, including the safe disposal of ammunition, surveillance, guidance of precision munitions, optical-dazzling, target location and acquisition, detection and identification of explosives, chemical and biological agents, and testing and evaluating different systems.

Some of these systems can be employed by the paramilitary forces and the police for border management and low-intensity conflict environments in addition to combat operations by the armed forces.

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