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Google Maps will now allow users to search for places in Live View

According to Google, the updated version of Maps will provide consumers better augmented reality features and more immersive experiences. In some locations, the additional features will be available in October.

Google intends to enhance the “Immersive” nature of Maps and Search. On Wednesday, the tech giant unveiled its strategy for assisting consumers in a more immersive exploration of their surroundings. Neighborhood “vibe” checks and “visual ahead” in search results are two of the new features.

Google is also introducing a significant feature known as “visual forward” in search results. As its name implies, the tool will enable users to acquire a visual impression of a search word, particularly in the case of travel and vacation destinations. In its search results, Google will now display photo-based tiles, much like the photo stories on Instagram and Snapchat. The browser will also provide relevant links, travel websites, and guides with photographs if you search for any travel destination.

Within the following few months, users will be able to utilise the new capabilities and enjoy an improved search experience.

Then there is Google Maps’ brand-new Immersive View function. Users of the new feature will be able to see a 3D aerial image of the searched area or location, which was first introduced at Google I/O. Users of Google’s Immersive View will be able to view specific buildings as well as the weather, traffic, and more.

The Google Maps app’s Live View function will also be enhanced by the Immersive feature. To show directions, the Live view now employs augmented reality to overlay information such as walking directions. Users will now be able to locate items like ATMs or restaurants on their phone’s screen and have access to a simpler navigation interface thanks to the new Immersive function.

In the upcoming months, Google will roll out Immersive View in Los Angeles, London, New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Google is simultaneously enhancing Google Lens to enable users to directly enter search queries through photos and text.

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